Some useful tips to consider before hiring flex developers in India

Released in March 2004 Adobe Flex supports and helps in development of RIAs based on their platform. Applications created by using flex are greater in performance and are highly expressive. Moreover they are compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. Flex developers in India or elsewhere can download it for free. Flex 3.0, another version of flex was released in 2008.  But, the latest version, Flex 4 has many improvements compare when compared to the previous ones.  It has introduced new skinning architecture called Spark. Most of the components of the earlier versions are reimplemented by using this architecture. The reason behind creating is to separate the themes and skin from the core logic.

The RIAs developed by using Flex have many benefits such as:

  • They create convincing and engaging user-experiences
  • Create more natural and interactive applications by using various transitions and effects
  • It loads only the required content which reduces the load on web-servers.
  • The look the same on every platform.
  • They request only the information that’s needed and this what makes them quicker.
  • They support diverse modes.
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