Flexible Flex Allows Flex Developer Create Rich Internet Applications

In March 2004, Adobe systems released a product called Flex requiring operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Since, Flex is yet another productive, free and open source platform, it gives Flex developer flexibility to create rich and expressive mobile, web and desktop applications. Flex development involves uniformity of code and easy integration. To put it simply, flex developer can create applications that share a common code base and can be run through many platforms. This ability drastically reduces the time and cost of Flex development and long term maintenance.

Flex is licensed under Mozilla Public License (Flex Builder and Flash Player under commercial license). Applications developed using this technology can be created only by using free software development kit. In order to make the process faster and easier, Flex developers can use Adobe® Flex® Builder™ 3 software. It would be interesting to note that both Flash player and Adobe AIR are enterprise-class client runtimes with advanced, high-performance vector graphics capable of handling the most demanding, data-intensive applications. Keeping this in mind, Flex developers in India can create web applications that run in the browser through Adobe Flash Player software. They can also create mobile applications that run on the leading mobile platforms through the Adobe AIR® runtime, or desktop applications that run outside the browser and that can be used even when disconnected from the Internet, also using Adobe AIR. While donning the cap of a Flex developer; a professional deals with modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports common design patterns. The language that is used in Flex is MXML which is a declarative language. This language is used to describe user interface layout and behaviors. Another object-oriented language ActionScript® 3.0 is used to create client logic. Flex developer can also use a rich component library with more than 100 proven,    extensible user interface components for both web and mobile applications, along with an interactive Flex application debugger.

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