Flex Development Made Easier with Many of Flex Features

Flex development services are always based on open-source application framework that let Flex web development company build mobile, desktop and web applications easily using the same programming model, tool and code base. With the advent of Flex, the demand for Flex-centric applications has increased and clients across the globe are eager to avail the services of Flex development India. It is with this rich Flex application development that small businesses can have dynamic and rich websites that can improve their sales and hence profits.

Though, Flex is relatively new technology and Flex application development therefore is also new for many developers, number of rich internet applications are designed and developed to increase the interactivity within the enterprise. Mostly, developers would like to use Abode Flex Builder Software for faster, professional development as well as effective maintenance of multiple dashboard applications. In order to make it happen, Flex web development company. needs to hire Flex developers India who know how to build client side logic as it can be flawlessly integrated with web services, XML as well as LiveCycle solutions. Design tools are used to create a rich interface. Being an open source and highly flexible technology, Flex development services can provide consistency on all major operating systems, browsers as well as desktops.

In March 2004, Macromedia initially released software development kit, an IDE and a J2EE integration application which is known as Flex Data Services. However, Adobe acquired multimedia in 2005 and after that no release of Flex required a license for Flex Data Services which has then become a separate product rebranded as LiveCycle Data Services. Flex 2 offers special integration with ColdFusion MX 7. The ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 release has updated Flash remoting to prop up Action Script 3, a Flex Data Services event gateway, and the Flex Data Services assembler. Flex Builder 2 also adds extensions for ColdFusion providing a set of wizards for RAD Flex application development. A subset of Flex 1.5 is also embedded into ColdFusion MX 7 middleware platform, for use in the ColdFusion Flash forms feature. It is possible to use this framework to write rich internet applications, although its intended purpose is for rich forms only.

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